6 Day Races Calendar 2013

Non-Stop 6 Day Races 2013

00/03/2013 GRC International Ultra Festival https://dayrunners.gr
00/04/2013 USA Self-Transcendence 6 day Flushing Meadow,NY https://Srichinmoyraces.org
08/05/2013 HUN UNIX 6 Day/48 hour Balatonfured https://www.unixsport.hu/hatnaposfutoverseny
07/05/2013 FRA French Ultra Festival Luc en Provence https://6jours-antibes.fr
00/06/2013 USA Arizona 6 Day Race Douglas https://www.facebook.com/ Gary Cross
00/06/2013 ITA Pantano 6 Day Race Lago Pantano Pignola https://www.6giornidelpantano.blogspot.com
00/08/2013 USA Silverton 6 Day Run Silverton https://www.silvertonspecialevents.com


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