EMU 6 Day Race 2022

Theres still a few days left to enter the EMU 6 day race in Balatonfured, Hungary. The event starts September 8th to September 14th and  features the 6 day World Cup team event.
Several former winners of this premier multiday race will be back including last year’s winner Gábor Rakonczay who crossed Greenland with Nóra Vámos earlier this summer in a 600 km expedition in 30 days.
Charlotte Vasarhelyi who won in 2014 returns as does Krisztina Nagyne Bakucz. Lena Jensen also makes up a strong women’s field.
Many familiar names on the entry list including Peter Ludden who has taken part in every edition of the race, Radi Milev, Richard Brown, Fred Davis 111 – a field full of talent and experience.


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2021 Six day Race Calendar Still Alive

Theres no doubt the 2021 Six day Race Calendar has been hit hard by covid and the issues it has raised. Earlier in the year we saw the cancellation of Athens, the Sri Chinmoy 6 & 10 Day races in New York, Privas in France, the Kauhajoki Ultra Running Festival in Finland, the debut of Les 6 Jours du Grand Est in France and more recently the Icarus Florida Ultrarunning Festival in the US.

However, its not all doom and gloom. 6 days at the Fair in New Jersy got their Festival in the bag with 48 runners in the 6 day, first of whom was Budjargal Byambaa with 477 miles followed in second place by Jessica Mullen with 434 miles.
The Douglas 6 day in AZ took place though with a very limited field from what I could gather and I haven’t seen all the results yet. The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in Sofia, Bulgaria put a 6 day together at very short notice with just 8 runners which was won by Andrea Marcato (ITA) with 731,76 km (454,70 miles).

The Italian Ultra Marathon Festival (IUMF) in Policoro started on the 14th of March and was won by Matteo Nocera with 625.366 km. The event, organised by RD Pasquale Brandi also included 1000 mile and 1000 km events and there is a Summer Edition planned for September 26th.

Currently 6 days At The Dome is underway in Milwaukee in the US and Eric Wright is staging another Running Festival Wychwood Multiday Circuit Run starting July 9th.

Viadal Ultra Six DaysSeptember looks like a busy month as there are three other 6 day races scheduled for the month with the first being EMU in Hungary on September 2nd followed by the inaugural edition of Viadal Ultra Six Days in Sweden on the the 13th.
There’s no 6 day but the Athens International Ultramarathon Festival returns on September 17th with a 48 and a 24 hour at the events original location in Loutraki.
Also starting on the 26th is the Adelaide 6 day in Australia, the last edition sadly, which also includes 72 and 48 hour options.

Across The years has a 6 day and a 10 day planned as well as the 72/48/24 hour options and the Winter Edition of the IUMF starts at the beginning of March 2022.

So things are improving and we all hope that we continue on that trajectory.

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6 Day Races 2021

A quick look at the 6 Day Races 2021 shows Across the Years 20/21 having been canceled and is offering a virtual 10 day race which started yesterday, December 28th. The first scheduled event of the year will be the 6 Days UMF Winter Edition in Policoro, Italy. Gary Cross has posted the dates of the low key Douglas 6 day so anyone interested in this event in Arizona should get in touch with Gary on his Facebbok page.
There’s no official word yet on the Sri Chinmoy 6 & 10 day races in April but with travel bans still in place, many would-be runners wont be able to get to the event so unless things change significantly in the US, the event may not happen again this year.
The Athens International Ultramarathon Festival is moving back to origin in Loutraki, some 80 km west of Athens and this year it looks like being a more modest program than the 2020 extravaganza.
A new event, the Les 6 Jours du Grand Est (6 Days of the Grand East) takes place in Pont-à-Mousson, north-eastern France coinciding with the Kauhajoki Ultra Running Festival in Finland, two weeks before the 6 Days in the Dome returns to Milwaukee which will no doubt be a star-studded event.
Sweden sees a new 6 day, the Viadal Ultra taking place in Förslöv, about 100km north of Malmo.
Adelaide returns with 72 and 48 hour options and then hopefully, there will be a return of Across The Years in December.

More details and links on the 6 Day Races 2021 calendar.

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Six Days in the Dome 2020

6 days in the domeSix Days in the Dome 2020 is still hoped to take place on its scheduled date of July 23. The event in Milwaukee, organised by Joe Fejes, will be the third edition of the event.

Taking place at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the venue has a state of the art 443+ meter indoor oval that will be the ideal setting for world record attempts. There will be approximately 180 runners from around the world that will competing and attempting to break existing World, National, or Age Group records in the 24 hour, 48 hour and 6 day events. A special invitation only 24 hour will kick things off on Thursday, July 23, followed by 24/48 hour races on July 24, and the feature 6 day will begin on Sunday July 26.

Race website: Six Days in the Dome

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French 6 Day Race 2020 Privas

6 jours de france logoThe French 6 Day Race 2020 Privas is still scheduled for the 16th August and with the lifting of lockdown restrictions is looking more and more likely to be the next 6 Day race to take place on the multiday calendar.

Currently showing 35 runners signed up in the 6 day and 8 runners in the 48 hour.

The race facebook page has outlined new rules for the event to accommodate the new circumstances including the use of gel and masks. Separate food tables and it looks like the old bowls on tables thing will be a thing of the past.

Race website: www.6jours-de-france.fr

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