6 Jours de France 2014 Is Cancelled

Gerard Cain has announced that the logo-accueil. After finding a new course after much work, the event has not found favour with a newly elected Council of Villefranche for a variety of reasons he reports.
This is the text posted on the race website:

Désolé de vous l’annoncer, mais la nouvelle Municipalité (dernièrement élue) de Villefranche sur mer vient de m’annoncer ce matin qu’il ne donnait pas suite et donc refusait le “6 jours de France” sur leur ville.
Les motifs : les camping car, la cuisine au gaz, le bruit et les odeurs de cuisine qui pourraient déranger le voisinage, les coureurs qui urineraient partout, pas d’accord pour bloquer le parking pendant une semaine, une manifestation trop grosse et trop longue pour la ville, etc… bref, ils n’en veulent pas.
Je suis donc dans l’obligation d’annuler cette épreuve et de remettre en question cette organisation pour le futur.
Je peux comprendre les avis de chacun, mais remettre en cause des choses qui ont été actées et les balayer comme cela d’un revers de main et mettre fin à 8 années de travail pour faire évoluer et grandir une épreuve de sport, car ce n’est que du sport, c’est vraiment facile pour les décideurs et très dur à encaisser pour des bénévoles.
Maintenant la dépendance vis à vis du pouvoir politique est trop importante pour moi et mon association. Me faire balader comme cela de Mairie en Mairie, je ne supporte plus et suis dégoûté. Le sport (enfin certains sports) et le bénévolat sont vraiment mal considérés et je n’ai vraiment plus trop envie de continuer !
Le choc est dur… très dur, pour vous je le pense et pour nous encore plus.
Je ne sais pas si c’est moi ou si c’est notre discipline qui ne plaisent pas, mais je pense qu’il n’y aura plus de 6 jours en France… enfin pour moi en tout cas. Car je ne me vois pas annoncer un nouveau 6 jours dans quelques mois après les annonces et les refus de Nice et de Villefranche sur Mer, je ne serai plus crédible.

Pour tous ceux qui sont déjà inscrits, je vous contacterai par mail durant la semaine.

Vraiment, toutes mes excuses à toutes et à tous pour cette annulation.

Sorry to tell you this , but the new City ( recently elected) of Villefranche sur mer just told me this morning that he did not follow and therefore refused the ” six days of France ” on their city.
The reasons : the camper , cooking gas , noise and cooking odors which may disturb neighbors , riders who urinate everywhere, not agree to stop the car for a week, too big and too long event for the city, etc … in short, they do not want.
I am therefore obliged to cancel the test and challenge the organization for the future.
I can understand the opinions of everyone, but questioning things that were recorded and scan as a backhand and ending eight years of work to develop and grow a test of sport, as n is that the sport is really easy for policymakers and very hard to take for volunteers.
Now the dependence of political power is too much for me and my association. Make me walk like that of Mayor in City Hall , I can not stand and am disgusted . Sport ( finally some sports) and volunteering are really treated badly and I really want to keep more too !
The shock is hard … very hard for you and I think for us more.
I do not know if it’s me or if it is our discipline they do not like , but I think there will be more than 6 days in France … well for me anyway. Because I do not see me announce a new six days in a few months after the announcements and denials of Nice and Villefranche sur Mer, I am no longer credible.

For those who are already enrolled , I will contact you by email during the week.

Really , I apologize to you all for such cancellation.

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British 6 Day Race Record

James Zarei

James Zarei at the 2013 British Ultra Fest Photo by Wendy Edwards

The current British 6 Day Race Record is held by George Littlewood (1859–1912) who ran 623 miles 1,320 yards at Madison Square Gardens in New York. The race took place in 1888 between 26 November and 1 December – a 125 years ago.

Littlewood also holds the 6 day walking record of  531 miles set in Sheffield on 11 March 1882.

The record was threatened in 1990 by James Zarei who came within a mile of breaking the record at Gateshead 6 day race only to be thwarted by a football match that held the race up for two and a half hours.

Brtish multiday specialist William Sichel set a new World Age-Group record for the over 55’s at 6 Days running 829.972kms/515.720 miles at the British Ultra Fest at Radley College August 2013.



James Zarei – Winner Of The Last GB 6 Day Race

British Ultra Fest

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Six Days In The Dome 2014

Posted on the Ultralist:

Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 19:25:27 -0400
From: joe fejes
Subject: Six Days in the Dome

Registration is now open on Ultrasignup for the 24/48/6 day indoor 400 Meter track event to be held at the Alaska Dome next August 4th. Thanks to Christian Griffith for setting up the sixdaysinthedome.com website. More information is forthcoming but I wanted to get it up ASAP to give runners plenty of time to make plans. Should be a neat experience.

Website: sixdaysinthedome.com

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The French Ultra Festival – 6 Day Race News – August 2012

french ultra festivalSome details have been posted on the French Ultra Festival website concerning the new venue for the 2013 event. Beautiful images on the site show Luc en Provence as the place to be 7th of May 2013 and already there are 118 riders signed up for this classic race. Continue reading

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New 6 Day Race In Hollywood, Florida?

K-G Nystrom has posted on Facebook that there may be a new 6 day race in Hollywood, Florida in 2013. It looks like it will be in the middle of March and K-G says the website will be ready in about a month.

As he says, it is very close to Athens and only a month away from New York that will make it an either or event for most people. One good thing is that the weather will be a lot warmer than New York with temperatures averaging 26-27 degrees in March.

K-G has also created a group on Facebook –

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