British 6 Day Race Record

James Zarei

James Zarei at the 2013 British Ultra Fest Photo by Wendy Edwards

The current British 6 Day Race Record is held by George Littlewood (1859–1912) who ran 623 miles 1,320 yards at Madison Square Gardens in New York. The race took place in 1888 between 26 November and 1 December – a 125 years ago.

Littlewood also holds the 6 day walking record of  531 miles set in Sheffield on 11 March 1882.

The record was threatened in 1990 by James Zarei who came within a mile of breaking the record at Gateshead 6 day race only to be thwarted by a football match that held the race up for two and a half hours.

Brtish multiday specialist William Sichel set a new World Age-Group record for the over 55’s at 6 Days running 829.972kms/515.720 miles at the British Ultra Fest at Radley College August 2013.


James Zarei – Winner Of The Last GB 6 Day Race

British Ultra Fest

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