Celtic Ultra Fest 2014

A new event is being planned for September: The Celtic Ultra Fest 2014.
This ambitious project – the only one of its kind in the UK features road ultras for everyone starting with a marathon, a 50 km/50 miles, 100km/100 miles, 6/12/24/48/72 and 6 day races. The 72 hour race will be the first such event to take place in the UK

  • The event will take place on the prom at Weston-super-Mare on a 1 km loop, 500 out and 500m back on a smooth paved surface. With great views of the Bristol Channel and Wales, this should be an excellent venue for a ultrarunning event as its the course for the famous Weston Prom series of 5km races.
  • The course is well lit at night and all services will be provided on site
  • Portable toilets and showers.
  • The event will feature vegetarian food for the runners via 3 meals a day and there will be a fully stocked aid table that will operate round the clock.
  • The event will be chip timed.

More details are available on the race website where you can register your interest in taking part: Celtic Ultra Fest.com

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