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Viadal Ultra Six Days

2021 Six day Race Calendar Still Alive

Theres no doubt the 2021 Six day Race Calendar has been hit hard by covid and the issues it has raised. Earlier in the year we saw the cancellation of Athens, the Sri Chinmoy 6 & 10 Day races in New York, Privas in France, the Kauhajoki Ultra Running Festival in Finland, the debut of […]
Les 6 Jours du Grand Est

6 Day Races 2021

A quick look at the 6 Day Races 2021 shows Across the Years 20/21 having been canceled and is offering a virtual 10 day race which started yesterday, December 28th. The first scheduled event of the year will be the 6 Days UMF Winter Edition in Policoro, Italy. Gary Cross has posted the dates of […]

Six Days in the Dome 2020

Six Days in the Dome 2020 is still hoped to take place on its scheduled date of July 23. The event in Milwaukee, organised by Joe Fejes, will be the third edition of the event. Taking place at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the venue has a state of the art 443+ […]

French 6 Day Race 2020 Privas

The French 6 Day Race 2020 Privas is still scheduled for the 16th August and with the lifting of lockdown restrictions is looking more and more likely to be the next 6 Day race to take place on the multiday calendar. Currently showing 35 runners signed up in the 6 day and 8 runners in […]

Xiamen 6 Day Race 2019

On Friday, October 31, 2019 at 3 pm, the 2019 Xiamen 6 Days 6 Nights Super Marathon Global Extreme Race (referred to as the 6 Days 6 Nights Super Horse and Xiamen 6 day race in English) countdown for 30 days launched a press conference at the Xiamen Marriott Hotel and Conference Center adjacent to […]