Icarus Florida UltraFest 2017

The Icarus Florida UltraFest 2017 will be the penultimate 6 day race this year with Across The Years in the USA being the final event.
The course is a loop through Synder Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – paved, flat and shaded and 1.0408 Km long.

The course is USATF and IAAF certified and the race is USATF sanctioned.

Field hasn’t been published yet.

Mens 6 day course record: Ed Ettinghausen (USA) 770.2800 Km 478.6298 Miles.
Womens 6 day course record: Manoshri Sykorova (SLO) 695.3864 Km 432.0931 Miles

Website: www.icarusfloridaultrafest.com

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