Running Festival Ou Rondawel 2017

Frik du Preez

Frik du Preez

The venue for the Running Festival Johannesburg 2017 is now at Die Rondawel 10 Rooikat Street Thersia Park, Akasia, Pretoria. The re-named event which features  a 6 day race, 72/48/24/12/6 hour races begins December 27th and runs until January 2nd 2018.

Current start list as of 14/11/2017:

6 Day Race
Bib number 6001 K-G Nystrom.
Bib number 6002 Jean Nepjen.
Bib number 6003 Carol Nepgen.
Bib number 6004 Martie Boesenberg.
Bib number 6005 Frik du Preez.
Bib number 6006 Eddie Dalbock.

48 Hour Race
Bib number 4801 Hoppy Hopkinson.
Bib number 4801 Yvonne Hopkinson.

100 Miles

Tobie Reyneke.

Year to Year 24 Hour Race.
Bib number 2451 Jaco de Jager.
Bib number 2452 Roger Crichton.
Bib number 2453 Joey De Vos Louwrens.
Bib number 2454 Adriaan Van den Berg.
Bib number 2455 Nickolaas Loubcher.

12 Hour Day Race
Bib number 1201 Derek Ferguson


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