Six Days in the Dome – The Redux

Six Days in the Dome – The Redux is a World-Class, competitive multiday running race that will take place on a 445.119 meter indoor track in Milwaukee’s Pettit National Ice Center in the USA starting August 23 2019.

Yesterday Joe Fejes posted on facebook that Johan Steene, Johan Van der Merwe and Guillaume Calmettes will not be at the Dome. Despite this, there’s still a formidable field in the 6 day including

Joe Fejes (USA), Budjargal Byambaa (MGN), Johnny Hällneby (SWE) Philip McCarthy (USA), Mick Thwaites (AUS), Bob Hearn (USA), Jean-Louis Vidal (FRA) and Ivo Majetic (USA). In the women’s race Connie Gardner (USA), Carilyn Johnson (USA) and Yolanda Holder (USA) will be up there no doubt at the end.

You can checkout the full Entrants list here.

Friday Aug. 23 (48-hour) race start 9:00 am
Saturday Aug. 24 (24-hour) race start 9:00 am
SundayAug. 25 (6-day) race start Noon

Race website:

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