New 6 Day Race In Hollywood, Florida?

K-G Nystrom has posted on Facebook that there may be a new 6 day race in Hollywood, Florida in 2013. It looks like it will be in the middle of March and K-G says the website will be ready in about a month.

As he says, it is very close to Athens and only a month away from New York that will make it an either or event for most people. One good thing is that the weather will be a lot warmer than New York with temperatures averaging 26-27 degrees in March.

K-G has also created a group on Facebook –

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Brief History Of 6 Day Races

dipali cunningham
Dipali Cunningham

A brief history of 6 day races from Wikipedia begins in 1867 when Edward Payson Weston walked from Portland, Maine to Chicago, Illinois in 25 days, a distance of 2,134 km (1,326 mi), earning him $10,000 and national fame. In 1874 Weston walked his first six-day race and was challenged by Daniel O’Leary, who completed 500 miles (800 km) in 153 hours. The big battle took place in Chicago in November 1875 with O’Leary emerging victorious with 503 miles (810 km) and Weston finished with 451 miles (726 km).

In a re-match in 1877 O’Leary was victorious again and the excitement created enough interest for Sir John Dugdale Astley, a British Member of Parliament, to inaugurate a series of 6 day races to determine the “Long distance Champion of The World”. These became known as the “Astley Belt” races and cash prizes were offered. O’Leary won the first two and was thwarted by Charles Rowell in his quest for three in a row. Weston won the fourth, setting a record of 550 miles (890 km) and Rowell won the final three multiday races to permanently keep the Astley Belt.

The first women’s six-day race took place in 1879 and was won by Bertha Von Berg with 372 miles (599 km). In 1880, Fred Hitchborn set a new record of 565 miles (909 km) earning $17,000 dollars, a fortune at the time. By the early 1890s the six-day races were in decline and no longer drawing the public or offering large prizes. It wasn’t until Don Choi hosted a 6 Day race in 1980 in California that interest began to grow again.

Briton Mike Newton became the first man to cover 500 miles/800km in a modern 6 day race at Nottingham in November 1981. In 1982, Tom O’Reilly took the six-day total to 576 miles/927km. In 1984 Yiannis Kouros twice ran over 1,022 km (635 mi) setting a new world record that would stand until 2005 when he broke his own record again with 1,036 km (644 mi) at the Cliff Young Australian 6-day race in Colac, Australia.

The last 6 day race that took place in the UK was 13 /19 October 1990 when James Zarei of the UK  won the Gateshead 6 Day with  1001.505 km

The women’s world record was broken by Australia’s Dipali Cunningham in 1998 when she covered 504 miles (811 km) at the Sri Chinmoy six-day race on Wards Island in New York in very wet conditions. In 2001 Cunningham set a new Women’s road best of 510 miles (820 km). In 2009 Dipali reset her own record on the road for six days with 513 miles.





The History of the 6 day race Andy Milroy

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Welcome To The 6 Day Race

Bringing together news, information articles and training tips for the aspiring ultrarunner who wants to run a 6 day race. In 2012 there are six races, not including stage races, scheduled and we will provide updates about each one as it occurs.

The next 6 Day Race will be the French Ultra Festival in Antibes in the south of France on the 3rd of June 2012. This event may be the last such event in its current format and location as the event, according to the race website, will not take place in 2013.

Some of the best European multiday runners will be there with a good handful who have 750 km+ performances to their names including  Jean Pierre Guyomarch, Lucio Bazzana, Jose Luis Posado Perez and Christophe Laborie.
Australian Sarah Barnett returns to Europe after winning the Self-Transcendence 10 Day in New York in April, Hiroko Okiyama from Japan and Cristina Gonzalez Garcia from Spain will be battling for top spot. 119 runners on the entry list.

French Ultra Festival

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